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Adieu 2009 : Reminiscing the roller-coaster ride of the past year - Part 1

As part of my very own very-short-but-quite-hard-to-do list of “New Year’s Resolutions”, I’d promised myself that I would start writing again and bring back to life my "inactive" blogs. This account of events from the past year of everything GrooveTrap, is basically my tentative attempts to get back on that track.

Anyways…this is going to be a part-by-part account (not in one whole big chunk) of certain events that kind of stood out from all the rest of the zillion other things that took place. I’ll post something every other day as my poor memory recalls. I just hope it doesn’t bore you all to death. But all in all…it’s good writing practice for moi :D

So...happy reading!


Who was it that said that the best things in life never come easy? Well whoever it was, definitely knew what he or she was talking about…

The very first month of the year saw us paying a tribute to the legendary Swedish pop band ABBA. The movie “Mamma Mia!”, with a star-studded cast including the likes of Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, had brought forth a new-found love and admiration for all things ABBA amongst the general public all over the world. Foreseeing the possibilities, Shammu Bhai, aka Farhan Quddus, who's the owner of one of our favorite restaurants "Le Saigon", was quick to recruit GrooveTrap and the very lovely and talented Laila Plamondon to apply the same successful formula to stage a musical based around popular ABBA songs.

Well, right before the day of the show, I totally busted my back…again.

Yes, it would be the third time over a span of 15 years this has happened and yes, I have a teensy-weensy back problem which actually doesn't give me much trouble if I maintain my exercise regime and a few ground rules…and yes…that basically means that I'd been a bad, bad girl…a darn lazy one… :P

Anyways, it was too late to cancel the show of course...all the tickets had been sold and all the basic i's dotted and t's crossed. The so-called cliché “The show must go on” was in fact I realized that day, no cliché after all. It was an undeniable, irrevocable, indisputable...fact.

And so with three pain-killer injections on my…uh…tush…I belted out the likes of "Dancing Queen" and "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight)", when in fact I was in no position to dance or let alone do anything else with a man!

But I’m very happy to say, the night was a resounding success. Laila, who had written this amazingly witty script, saved the day with her flamboyant performance. She truly is a versatile actress. And Saif…thank god…kept a level head, even though he was worried sick about me. His positive vibe rubbed off on the rest of the GT gang and everyone put forth a great show that night. So much so that six months down the road, we did a repeat performance of the show at Dhaka Club, followed by another at Chittagong Club…brought on by popular demand.

Any interesting tidbits from those shows? I’ll save that for the next post I think. Till then here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I'll leave you guys with something to ponder on - it’s good to keep in mind that there will always be “ups and downs” in one’s life. The “ups” are there to give us the highs and the “downs” are there to help us appreciate the “ups” more and teach us the VERY important lesson that…shit happens! :D



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